Paige - Owner & Founder of Nottingham Health and Fitness

Hello everyone! I'd like to introduce myself as the brains and madness behind Nottingham Health and Fitness and the Slimtini Programmes that we run! 

I love to help people achieve their fitness goals and in 2016 itself I helped 126 ladies and gents in spin sessions, 54 previously injured or nervous ladies back into exercise, and in total I helped 273 of you in the last quarter of 2016 become healthier and fitter! In 2017 I have held various bootcamps and fitness classes and I will release these stats over the Christmas break! 

So a bit about myself... I am not an instructor who screams and shouts in an intimidating way. I encourage everyone to do their best and not compete against each other, only compete against themselves. I have a passion to helping people change their lives through fitness whilst having a laugh and I always encourage people to still have the odd glass of wine, takeaway etc... and yes I have been known at our Christmas Parties to sit there with three puddings in front of me! I am human after all! We also have some classes like Halloween for instance where I bring chocolate to the classes to treat everyone, and Christmas where we normally crack open the Prosecco at the end of the class - I told you I'm unique!!

Everyone is different, you might have someone who is fantastic at cardio and hates strength training, and you could have a body builder who can't do cardio to save their lives! 

I love teaching the classes that we have running as I honestly believe we have the nicest classes in the area, everyone supports each other, has a laugh and it has that community spirit and many of the girls have even started by themselves and made friends in the classes. 

So what are my qualifications? A very important question! A few well known fitness companies have also contacted me for short term projects, building clients into gyms, classes and improving classes. I am also a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) and DBS checked. I am specialised in the following areas;

Diploma in Personal Training

Diploma in GP Referral

Fitness Instructing (Gym)

Advanced Padwork

Circuit Instruction

Group Indoor Cycling

Instructing Outdoor Fitness

Sports Conditioning

Business Skills for the Fitness Professional

Beatz Instructor

Clubbercise Instructor

Strong by Zumba Instructor

If you do have any questions, or you'd like to join the classes, have a look at the website, there are plenty of areas that should answer questions however if you still can't find the answer, drop me a message! You will also find that I am extremely approachable and I will go above and beyond to help you. 

I shall look forward to seeing you at either a class, a PT session, a bootcamp or a fitness retreat!

Sparkling Fitness Wishes,

Paige xx