happy 5th birthday clubbercise! birthday bash at the ministry of sound

clubbercise's Instructors 5th birthday party!



Normally I would blog about a day like this but as it was SPECTACULAR I thought I would dedicate an actual page to this! I managed to go to the instructors 5th Birthday Bash in London at the MINISTRY OF SOUND! It was AMAZING! There was glitter, confetti guns and madness everywhere! 

13:30-19:30 of dancing, partying and having a good old rave - what more could you honestly ask for! 


What did we do in the first half?!

So we ended up having a masterclass with the master instructors, we had a choreography masterclass with the amazing Jo (sweaty selfie alert!) who is the THONG SONG QUEEN! Yes girls, if you come to the classes you know what I mean! We also learnt two new tracks that haven't been released yet! 


What happened for the rest of the day?

We had a motivational masterclass with the Clubbercise founder Claire which was AMAZING - she is so normal and down to earth - lovely lady! Claire's passion really shines through!

We then went on to our 45 minute filmed masterclass! This is for the promo that will go out soon! It was hard work - 110% effort continuous dancing and loving life - it was amazing! 

We then finished the day with a BIRTHDAY PARTY!! - More dancing! We even had a live performance from Rozalla who sang her club classic 'Everybody's Free' - it was amazing! 

I can't say too much for now on everything else but as soon as everything goes live I'll update the page with more details!


Official Clubbercise Photo!

We received the OFFICIAL Clubbercise pictures and I even managed to get on them! #LivingMyBestLife!