What Kind of Personal Training are you after?

GP Referral Personal Training

Have you been told by your GP or a medical professional (e.g. physiotherapist) that you need to work on an exercise programme with a specialised personal trainer who has experience and in-depth knowledge of various medical conditions? Exercise can help improve certain conditions in some cases and there is a possibility sometimes (not always) that we can help improve your way of life completely after a long period of time, dedication and hard work. Please find a list of a few medical conditions that we are equipped to deal with however the list is not exhaustive: hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, simple mechanical back pain, joint replacement, diabetes mellitus (type 1), diabetes mellitus (type 2), obesity, asthma, COPD, depression, stress and anxiety. Remember you can get your medical professional to refer yourself to Nottingham Health and Fitness personally.   

Sports Conditioning Personal Training

So you have signed up to that marathon and now you're stuck and panicking wondering how on earth you're going to manage to train for it? Maybe you're part of a sports team (football, rugby etc...) and you need additional help to work on certain areas or prepare for a match? If so, this option is for you.  

Aerobic Fitness, Strength & Toning Personal Training

Do you want to feel generally healthier and want to feel happer in yourself? Do you find that you're out of breath walking up a few steps or do you find lifting your toddler is becoming hard work due to your lack of strength or even kicking the football around the park is becoming hard work? Maybe you have lost a lot of weight and need further advice on how to tone those extra bits to become tighter? If so, this option is for you.

Padwork Personal Training

Do you have a secret love and passion for BoxFit and you're after a more intense option or a 121 session with our specialised Padwork trainer? Maybe, you find boxing classes do not give you all of the time and attention that you need? Have you had a stressful week or do you want to release some energy from your system? If you need pushing that extra mile and you want to discover yourself through releasing any pent up anger or energy then this option is for you.

Nutrition and Weight Management Advisor

Are you struggling with your weight? Are you underweight or do you need to lose those extra few pounds and you need advice and coaching to reach your goals? Do you think 'carb free' diets work and need educating in portion control? If so have a look at our added extra's and pick the option best suited for you.


The sessions take place at your house or a local area close to you where you can exercise without any distractions e.g. parks etc... we do not have a fixed location you can use and we definitely do not have a gym you can use. 


We are extremely busy as you can see with the classes, so if you're looking for an evening session then it is very unlikely we will be able to squeeze you in due to classes. We do have a waiting list though if you wanted to join it if we can't squeeze you in straight away


With Personal Training sessions, some clients do one session and expect to see results straight away! It doesn't work like this. To get results it takes time therefore if you're looking for a quick fix - unfortunately Personal Training isn't for you, maybe try one of our classes!

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