Janine H - Fitness Classes

My first funky step class tonight, it was fantastic fun, thank you for making me feel so welcome. Janine 

Jeanette S - Fitness Classes

Great workout, really enjoyed it. Thank you

Jemma S - Fitness Classes

Paige was very welcoming! Didn't feel out of place one bit, she actually fills me with confidence x 

2019 Reviews

Elaine A - Fitness Classes

Brilliant class, thank you

Sarah T - Fitness Classes

Fun class.  I can really feel that I've worked out

Sarah P - Fitness Classes

 Great class warm welcome and friendly group.  

Katie J - Fitness Classes

  I really enjoyed the class. Everyone was friendly and it made it fun to exercise.  

Pat T - Fitness Classes

 Fab class, great fun and what a great start to the week. It was reassuring to see others similar to my 60’s age group. I would certainly recommend this  group to all ages. I loved your enthusiasm Paige and I also loved the fact that I didn’t fall off the trampoline. Thank you Pat x  

Carlo B - Fitness Classes

 Tonight I have just experienced my first 'Clubbercise' in the quaint village of Car Colston. It feels like I have discovered the best kept secret in the county!  

Part of me didn't want to write this review, so I could keep this incredibly fun activity to myself and the other lovely members who already attend.  However I can't be selfish, and must inform everyone of how wonderful it is.    

As you drive through the picturesque countryside, the last thing you would expect to find is a mini, fantastically friendly rave, yet that is a great way to describe 'Clubbercise'.  

Everyone is so friendly, welcoming and helpful.  The happiness oozes from each person in the hall and the room is full of positivity and fun.  After applying face paint (optional) and having your glowsticks in hand, it is time to start!  

The class lasts 45 minutes, packed full of new and classic dance songs, with the idea being to follow the lead of the exceptional teacher Paige.  If you are anything like me, then your first class will be one of trying your hardest to keep up with the moves, because the pace of the class is as electric as the sound track.  The beauty of the class though, is that it doesn't matter if you can't keep up, with freestyling being encouraged.  

The thing I can't emphasise enough is how fun, friendly and positive the vibe of this class is.  It has so much energy and heart, it just feels like a boost of happiness, when you enter.  The exercise is something that will get you fit quickly as well, with lots of calories being burned during the frantic speed of moves.  

You must try this class, nothing else compares! 

Hayley P - Fitness Classes

Thank you soo much!!! Really enjoyed my first night already looking forward to next week! Paige is an excellent instructor she made the session so much fun and time flew past!

Sharon B - Fitness Classes

Really enjoyable, I'm a big lady so I was scared to come but I'm so glad I did because it was brill. You can take your time and do whatever you feel comfortable with and everyone in the class was lovely! I suffer with a bad knee too so I had to stop a few times but other than that fantastic!

Lindsay T - Fitness Classes

Really good fun! Loved it

Rebecca K - Fitness Classes

Great fun and really friendly atmosphere! I really enjoyed myself and can't wait for the next one!

Julie T - Fitness Classes

I was made really welcome and loved the class - thanks Paige!

Chanice-Marie H - Fitness Classes

Paige you are ACE! My sister and I LOVED the class and can't wait for round 2! See you soon.

Chanice xx

Sophie M - Fitness Classes

Amazing class that was lots of fun. Great instructor who was very motivating. Thank you

Elaine G - Fitness Classes

Fun Class!

Cherry T - Fitness Classes

Thank you for a fun & upbeat class.

I will be back.

Carol S - Fitness Classes

Very enthusiastic instructor.

Louise H - Fitness Classes

Well, what an absolute hoot! Great teaching, energy, atmosphere and friendly ladies on my first night! I'm hooked! If you are thinking about Boogie Bounce, stop thinking and book a class!

Charlotte S - Fitness Classes

Loved it can't wait for next week - thank you Paige x 

Kharmen R - Fitness Classes

I never ever thought I would attend any fitness class, on my own, EVER. But I have recently started pushing myself to do things way out of my comfort zone. I'm so glad this was the class I chose....

4 weeks into Boogie Bounce and I love it, and you are fantastic, you make the class feel so relaxed and enjoyable! x 

Helen B - Fitness Classes

Brill work out tonight. Best one, loved the routines. I just don't understand how Paige you can keep smiling while everyone is looking seriously.

Lisa G - Fitness Classes

Well another session of Boogie Bounce done with the fab Paige at Nottingham Health and Fitness. I will get the hang of this whole bounce thing and not hold on for dear life lol! 

Emma S - Fitness Classes

Awesome week of classes to end a January where the aim was to trim down and tone up. I couldn't wish for a more friendly, supportive and funny group of ladies than this bunch who mean that I look forward to each and every class at Nottingham Health and Fitness. Special mention for our leader Paige who really does put her blood, sweat and tears an more importantly her heart and soul into making sure that we all achieve our aims. Lots of love for you all! 

May 2019

Obviously a massive shout out to the brilliant Paige who not only puts her all into every class but also makes sure that the atmosphere is fun, supportive and inclusive so everyone is welcome. Couldn't wish for a better group of girls in the classes either. Lots of love for you all xxx 

Emma N - Fitness Classes

13 says of #redjanuary smashed! Thank you to everyone who has spurred me on and to Nottingham Health and Fitness for the photo as proof that I am officially done in! 

May 2019

Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! What a fun few months! Congratulations on all you've achieved and continue to Paige. So well deserved xxxx

Victoria B - Fitness Classes

You have definitely achieved your goal and made me love exercise for the first time ever in my life - thank you for all your support and never making me feel like I should be anywhere else but at one of your classes.

May 2019

So anyone who knows me, knows exercise is not my thing AT ALL!!!! Yet here I am, 4 hours of exercise later still smiling and standing!!!

Thank you so much Paige - I even did a burpee!! 

Sophie P - Fitness Classes

Great class, incredibly welcoming group of people and really good fun! Thank you very much!

Donna F - Fitness Classes

Great class. First time I've attended Boogie Bounce. Paige was great & a great class size. Will definitely look to book again.

Lynsey D - Fitness Classes

Great class really recommend to anyone that wants to get fit but have fun at the same time but if you have had children like me I'd recommend wearing a Tena lady

Jenny I - Fitness Classes

Loved it x 

Laura F - Fitness Classes

We are 5 new mums returning to exercise post babies and we absolutely loved tonight's class. Was a fab workout, plenty of options to take it easier where needed and lots of laughs for us all. We'll all be back xx

Jane H - Fitness Classes

Really enjoyed. Thank you Paige x 

Nina G - Fitness Classes

Such a fun class! Great for all abilities. Paige is so lovely and welcoming.

Trudi C - Fitness Classes

Great fun! We enjoyed it so much we recruited a footballer on the way out. He's booking for next week!

Jaime O - Fitness Classes

I had initially thought I would struggle with the class if I am honest but having been and tried it out I am thrilled to report it was amazing. After some complex medical issues over the years I was able to take the class at my own pace and I was made to feel most welcome. I have since booked a further 5 classes and look forward to getting into better shape and becoming fitter with such a fabulous class.

Sarah A - Fitness Classes

Had a fabulous first session at Boogie Bounce tonight. Made to feel really welcome and it didn't matter that I didn't know anyone. Class was energetic and exhilarating, thanks.

Colleen E - Fitness Classes

What an amazing class!!! Great tuition and encouragement woo hooooooo!! Can't wait for the next one. Thanks so much x 

Tracey H - Fitness Classes

A really fun, friendly and unique class. Thank you xx 

Lindsay B - Fitness Classes

Fun and friendly class! Thank you.

Colleen R - Fitness Classes

Great fun class at Boogie Bounce - Paige is a fab teacher. Why not give it a go!

Sally M - Fitness Classes

Fantastic class. Was made to feel very welcome and was reassured. Was lots of fun. Thanks

Laura W - Fitness Classes

Brilliant first class! Will be returning next week

Allie R - Fitness Classes

Fab night!

Sarah S - Fitness Classes

Great session really enjoyed it

Alex F - Fitness Classes

Great class, enjoyed myself. It was a great work out and fun. Everyone was welcoming even if I was a bit uncoordinated with the moves!

Jackie L - Fitness Classes

Fab work out thoroughly enjoyed working hard. Thanks Paige

Deb D - Fitness Classes

Always a well planned & enjoyable session. Love the variety & a great bunch of people!

Sarah S - Fitness Classes

I have a great time. Paige is so welcoming and helpful

Harriet S - Fitness Classes

Fab class as always, so much fun!

Joanna M - Fitness Classes

First time loved it and lots of help with the moves thanks!

May 2019

You've brought neon into my life and I don't know where I would be each week without your amazing classes and all the lovely NG13 ladies! 

2016, 2017 & 2018 Reviews

Sally - Fitness Retreat

It's three days after the Slimtini Weekender, Ladies Fitness Bootcamp Retreat and I'm still buzzing! It was absolutely fantastic! I was so excited before hand and I knew it was going to be the ultimate challenge. On the morning of day one Paige wrote on the board what the classes are for the two days, you look and think to your self that this is going to be virtually impossible but this is what your hear for so let's do this. 9 classes on day one and a 2 mile walk and 5 classes on day two.
In my head I'm motivating myself, You've got this, you can do this, dig deeper than you've dug before, YOU WILL NOT STOP !!!
It was amazing, we did it, we dug so so deep and WE DID NOT STOP !! I'm so so proud of myself, my sister and all of the girls this weekend WE SMASHED IT !!!
A huge thank you to Paige for organising this weekend and encouraging, supporting and pushing us all to the limit and so far beyond to realise our true potential . Thank You All, Love Ya πŸ’–πŸ’•πŸ₯ŠπŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸƒπŸ»β€πŸ‹πŸ»πŸ€Όβ€πŸ€ΈπŸ»β€πŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ₯‡πŸ†πŸŒŸ xxxxxxx 

Ruth - Fitness Retreat

Thank you for the most wonderful weekend! Pushed beyond belief, but feel so motivated and good! Anything is sooooo possible, my mind set has changed. Paige, you were a fabulous host, a massive inspiration and motivator, the girls on the team were fab, I am just about to hop in the hot tub, have a glass of wine and raising it to you! Thank you my lovely xxxx

Kat - Personal Training

I have been having personal training sessions with Nottingham Health and Fitness for around six months now and the results are remarkable. When we started we sat down and they listened to exactly what I was looking for, to condition myself for my job which involves managing a pub, changing barrels, serving tables and pulling pints - you have to always be on your feet and active! I also ride horses in my spare time so I wanted to condition this as well along with trying to manage my asthma and back pain which occurs now and again. Paige listened to exactly what I was looking for and what I wanted out of the sessions and also exercises that I could do at home in-between sessions. I couldn't be happier, I fully recommend 5 stars!  

Michelle - Fitness Classes

I started Hula Fitness and BoxFit a few weeks ago and I have to say although I'm always quite nervous about trying fitness classes on my own I had nothing to worry about at all. Paige is extremely welcoming, encouraging and definitely knows her stuff. I enjoy every session as although I'm working hard, I am constantly smiling, laughing or pulling funny faces concentrating in Hula determined to get it right and improve. All the women are lovely and you do not feel judged at all. I would honestly recommended any of the classes, they are definitely something to look forward to.  

Jo - Fitness Classes

I've been going to Nottingham Health and Fitness' classes for a while now and have absolutely loved it. As well as an excellent workout i have found myself laughing and joking with a lovely group of people. Paige gives a personal touch to every session ensuring you get the best workout possible - no matter what level you are. Would recommend to anyone! Thanks Nottingham Health & Fitness x 

Hannah - Fitness Classes

I have absolutely loved doing the Slimtini classes; they are a great, diverse and challenging workout. I've noticed my fitness improve and I've toned up since i have started. Paige is a wonderful instructor, her class is well planned out and she's great at motivating you to push yourself to get the best result possible. I'd highly recommend!  

Sally - Fitness Classes

Well, I've just booked my eighteenth session in a row, that says it all really. As soon as I walked through the door on the first session Paige made me feel so welcome and at ease.
It was something I wanted to do for me, to get a little fitter and meet new people and i'm absolutely loving it. I've noticed a definite change in my fitness. There's a great atmosphere and you can have a laugh, you learn something new each week. I would definitely recommend to anyone thinking about joining, you won't be disappointed. 

Mayuree - Fitness Classes

At first, I was nervous and worried about my fitness as I hadn't done any exercise for a while and it didn't help when I went there on my own. Surprisingly, my first class went on so well, so much fun and felt like time flies. I've only been going to Boxfit plus HIIT for few weeks and I can honestly say I really enjoy it. I feel like my fitness is getting better. This class is not just a boring exercise class but it's about joking and laughing as well. It's the friendliest class ever for me. Paige is also a fab instructor. Would highly recommend this class to friends and family. Xx 

Heather - Fitness Classes

I have only been to 3 BoxFit sessions and I feel fitter and better already. It's an intense workout but doesn't feel it because its so fun. I've never really been to exercise classes before but i don't want to miss one of these! Its tailored for all fitness levels which is great as i am as knackered as the superfit girls there...if anyone is thinking of coming expect sweat and friends 

Lynne - Fitness Classes

I had been looking for a local exercise class for ages so was chuffed to bits when I saw BoxFit advertised on Facebook, however the words boxing and fitness kind of filled me with fear so I messaged Paige and she assured me that the class was for all levels and that I would have fun, still not convinced I dragged my exercise hating sister along with me and the rest is history!!!

Love the class, we are a small group but everyone was made so welcome, to begin with there was one lady that had done some boxing in the past and then complete beginners but my instructor worked the sessions great and the newcomers were able to learn the basics. I am still loving the classes and learning lots each week, also getting tips through the Facebook posts that our instructor puts on.
I also had a friend comment the other day that my shape was changing (in a good way), this is due to the BoxFit sessions I have been doing.
Come along and join in, it really is a great way to workout and have a laugh at the same time.

Emma - Fitness Classes

Well where do I start. I've only been going to BoxFit for 4 weeks but I can honestly say I feel like I have been going months. Paige is an amazing instructor and she makes you feel at ease as soon as you walk through the door and the ladies that go are fantastic too.  I initially went to my first class completely on my own. I was nervous and worried as I hadn't done any real exercise for a while and knew my fitness wasn't up to my best.
I had nothing to worry about at all. Within the first 5 minutes I was laughing and joking with everyone and no one judged my ability throughout the class.
I won't lie, the first week I was dripping with sweat and ached for days after but I loved every minute and knew i would be going the next week. 4 weeks on I have noticed my fitness levels are much better, I ache less the next day and my body is getting tighter and my muscle definition is becoming noticeable.
Over the years I've been to many fitness classes ranging from hula hoop to body pump and I can honestly say this is the friendliest, most fun class i've ever been too.
Not only have I found a class I love, I've made a new group of friends too.
My instructor is fabulous. Don't stop what you do. 

Susan - Fitness Classes

I love it always learning something new. The first time I was a bit nervous as being a little older I thought I wouldn't be able to keep up but its great. I was aching for a couple of days after but it soon went off and each week it gets better and better. I especially like it when we also do hiit as well as you really feel like you had a great workout. I recommend you at least give it a go as you really do get a lot from it. I love it now and will continue for sure. Also lovely bunch of girls every week and Paige is a fantastic instructor she really knows her stuff. Thank you xx  

Danielle - Fitness Classes

I'm always a bit nervous trying new things on my own but Paige was so welcoming and the class was really friendly. I can't tell you how much I loved the boxing, it's my weekly release and I spend the whole hour grinning from ear to ear. I started in September 2016 and I'm still there half way through 2017 and I've managed to lose a dress size by attending one class per week and still enjoying my Malibu and wine!

Ally - Fitness Classes

I had my first time at BoxFit last night and it was brill I loved it. My arms are killing me today so I must have done something right. Thanks for a great class.  

Sam - Fitness Classes

First time at BoxFit and it was brill, Paige is a great instructor and she showed us exactly what we should be doing. Best thing we had a smile and a giggle while doing it. Well done and will be back again   

Lisa - Great North Run PT

Really friendly doesn't make it boring or tedious and you come away feeling the burn, I can't wait to sort more dates out

Lyndsay - Padwork PT

Such a fun class - who knew boxing was like dancing - you just bounce and thump to the beats! Thank you!

Lainey - Fitness Retreat

Amazing fun... sweat... and flapjack filled day! A really well planned day for all levels of fitness, personal goals smashed and a great team environment. I will be definitely recommending this to my friends and will be checking my diary for the next event. A great atmosphere, Paige and Hannah work great as a team to get the most out of your workout! Loved it ladies! my body will thank me for it I'm sure!

Charlotte - Fitness Classes

Bloody brilliant! A wide variety of exercises, fun, and tailored to suit all abilities (and injuries!) Can't recommend Paige's classes enough 

Chloe - Fitness Classes

Paige is so lovely when I was chatting to her. She does things all over if I remmeber but yeah she is a good'en! xx 

Kellie - Fitness Classes

I've loved coming to the classes and I am genuinely going to miss the group. You have a great group of people and I was made to feel so welcome from day one. You've broken me several times and after just a couple of months I feel great and healthier than I have for a long time. Looking forward to bootcamp and you'll definitely see me if I'm back for classes through the week in my new job! xx