Terms and Conditions

Your consented agreement with Nottingham Health and Fitness

By booking a class, fitness retreat or personal training session, you understand the risk of your participation in any physical activity/exercise programmes, sessions or classes and knowing, understanding and appreciate these risks you voluntarily choose to participate, assuming all risk of injury or even death due to your participation. You will also accept that you are not under the influence of ANY substance whilst participating in any service offered by Nottingham Health and Fitness.

You are also accepting that by booking on to anything related to fitness and participating in classes, Bootcamps and retreats you are accepting that you could be part of photos or videos and you are allowing the use of any media taken by Nottingham Health and Fitness to which they will own completely.

You are accepting by booking on to the class and participating that Nottingham Health and Fitness & The Slimtini Weekender will not be liable for any injuries, medical conditions or even death due to your participation

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