Your consented agreement with Nottingham Health and Fitness & The Slimtini Weekender

By booking a class, fitness retreat or personal training session, you understand the risk of your participation in any physical activity/exercise programmes, sessions or classes and knowing, understanding and appreciate these risks you voluntarily choose to participate, assuming all risk of injury or even death due to your participation. You will also accept that you are not under the influence of ANY substance whilst participating in any service offered by Nottingham Health and Fitness.

You are also accepting that by booking on to anything related to fitness and participating in classes, Bootcamps and retreats you are accepting that you could be part of photos or videos and you are allowing the use of any media taken by Nottingham Health and Fitness to which they will own completely.

You are accepting by booking on to the class and participating that Nottingham Health and Fitness & The Slimtini Weekender will not be liable for any injuries, medical conditions or even death due to your participation

Class T&C's

Pre-paid classes

You are not eligible for a refund once you have booked pre-paid classes. If it is a medical reason why you cannot attend, please send us a doctors note and we will issue a refund if this is acceptable proof. Transfers to an alternative class are only permitted 48 hours before your class and if you let us know within this 48 hour period your session/s will be lost. Refunds take up to 30 working days.

Bookwhen classes

If you wish to cancel your class you will not be eligible for a refund. You may transfer your class for one session only. Transfers to an alternative class are permitted 48 hours before your class and if you let us know within this 48 hour period your session/s will be lost. 

You are eligible for a PayPal charge when using this website. To avoid this charge please contact us directly.

Class Upgrades

If you are purchasing a class upgrade, this payment can be made within the class. Class upgrades are only eligible for use after your main class on the same day. If you do not have the correct money and you owe us money, if you do not pay within 14 days you will incur a 50% penalty charge and you will be subject to an email. After 21 days you will be subject to a letter to your home address with an extra 50% charge added to your amount owed. Failure to pay this will result in further action being taken.

Personal Training T&C's

Room Bookings

If you are hiring out a room or a facility (e.g. a village hall), it is your responsibility to ensure the facility is free for use and paid for - you will need to contact the bookings secretary to arrange the hire and payment of the facility. Nottingham Health and Fitness take no responsibility in your hiring agreement and payment for the room.

Home Personal Training

If you have booked a Personal Training slot please be considerate of others and do not run over this time as there could be other classes or clients waiting. If you overrun after 15 minutes, from that 15 minutes kept a 50% charge of the booking will be added.

Please make sure you have adequate space to train in, this needs to be big enough to do cardio activities, floor work and HIIT exercises in some cases. Please make sure this area is free from any obstructions.

Cancellations and Penalty Charges

Please inform Nottingham Health and Fitness 48 hours before your booked session if you cannot attend. If you cancel within this 48 hour period you will incur a 50% charge. Failure to pay this within 28 days will incur an additional charge of 5% each day after this 28 day period.

Accident and Injuries T&C's

Before your Class/Personal Training Session

Before your classes or Personal Training sessions you will be required to sign and agree to a disclaimer, this disclaimer is to protect yourself from harm during training. 

It is vital that you disclose any injuries or medical conditions which could impact your training, failure to do so will be at your own risk.

During your Class/Personal Training Session

 If you have an accident or you have developed an injury it is crucial that you report this to the trainer at Nottingham Health and Fitness as soon as possible to prevent any further injury.

If you leave the class failing to report an injury or accident then it is at your own risk and Nottingham Health and Fitness takes no responsibility to this injury or accident.

If at any point during the class if you start to feel unwell it is your responsibility to inform teh trainer honestly with you symptoms and either; sit out until you feel better, leave the class when you feel better and inform Nottingham Health and Fitness when you have returned home so we know you are safe, or ask to seek medical attention from the emergency services which Nottingham Health and Fitness will contact. 

After your Class/Personal Training Session

If you have encountered an injury or you have had an accident which requires a medical professional to attend and assist or for you to have to visit hospital, it is your responsibility to update Nottingham Health and Fitness regarding your progress. This will be recorded in the accident book and kept on file.

After 5 days of no contact, Nottingham Health and Fitness will try on both the 5th day and the 6th day from the accident to contact you. Failure to communicate will result in closing this accident off.

If you do not update Nottingham Health and Fitness then you have no right to pick up a claim after 7 days from the accident or injury

If you have felt unwell in your class and this has continued or progressively got worse since you have returned home and followed all of the points in the 'During the class' section, please contact Nottingham Health and Fitness with an update so we can update your accident/injury record with the correct information.

Drug & Alcohol T&C's

By participating in any service that Nottingham Health and Fitness offer you accept that you are not under the influence of ANY substance (alcohol, drugs etc...)

If suspicion is raised in any which way that you are under the influence you will be asked to leave without any arguments/exceptions. 

Refunds/Transfers will not be given under any circumstance.

If you cause a risk or have confrontation with our instructors or clients then we will have no choice but to call the police to remove you.


The Slimtini Weekender T&C's

Please visit the 'Weekend Fitness Retreat' page to view the specialised T&C's associated with the bootcamps

If you're not happy...

Unfortunately these circumstances do crop up especially in the world of purchasing items and we have to cover this policy just in case.

If in the unlikely event that you do feel unsatisfied with the service you have been given please voice your opinion on the day this has taken part. If this has not been done then you will not be eligible for any refunds. Whilst we will take your concerns on board you will not be eligible for a refund due to your participation in that particular event if you do not voice your concerns that day. Please note refunds are not a given through a complaint, a complaint will be assessed on a case by case basis. 

In an unlikely event that there was to be an ongoing dispute then it is at Nottingham Health and Fitness' discretion to refund your classes (multi class package) however this is not guaranteed - if this was ever to occur it would be purely on a case by case basis and we reserve the right to refuse entry to any person/s that could be attending with malicious intent and/or believed to potential cause damage, disrupt or risk to the business/customers to participate in any classes, events or PT sessions and you would lose any current or future multi class or PT sessions with immediate effect. 

The safety of our instructors and our customers are our number one priority and we will not in any circumstance tolerate potential behaviour to jeopardise this - our decision is final and can not be reviewed.